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cookHey y’all and welcome to Gowrie House.  I’m so glad you found my website!  I’m Marie, and I’m here to share with you all my wonderful secrets about home, garden, food, recipes, and more!

I knew I always wanted to be a homemaker.  I think having a beautiful and welcome home is so important.  What’s better than coming home after a long day of work to delicious food, a clean kitchen, and fresh smelling sheets?  My husband definitely does!

I want to share with y’all my favorite recipes, all the beautiful appliances I use, tips for gardening, cleaning, and designing, and much, much more.  Think of me as another Martha Stewart!  I will also be talking about health and beauty as well as anything else that may come to mind.  Interior design will also be a large topic on my website because I’m constantly designing and re-designing different areas of my house and always trying to make it better.

I hope you check back soon because I will be sharing some wonderful tips and hacks on food and cooking!

Until next time!

Marie 🙂