5 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy

There are so many ways to make your home reflect your personality or lifestyle.  Personally, I love a cozy, comfortable home that’s also very clean and traditional looking.  I tend to lean towards neutral colours like beige, creams, and greys for my furniture and decor.  However, in at least one room of the house, I like to express the eclectic of my personality.  That room is typically the coziest room in the house.  Here’s a couple of ways to make your house seem more cozy.

  1. Use lots of colour.  Colour often helps to fill up a room even if the room is quite empty.  Bright colours all mixed together gives a positive vibe and the more colours you put together, the more cozy your room will look.  Try placing one piece of furniture that is a bright pop of colour and then mixing and matching prints with that piece.
  2. cozyMix different materials.  Mixing different materials and textures will also give your home a cozy feeling.  Softer materials like a velvet couch will really cozy up a room.
  3. Put stuff on countertops.  If you have a really big kitchen and you often feel like it gives off a cold vibe, it’s probably due to your appliances.  Large stainless steel appliances are gorgeous pieces, but you can sometimes have them coloured.  If you live in a building, you can also find some great appliances for your apartment that are of a smaller size.  Instead of hiding these appliances in your cupboards, try placing a couple of them on your countertops to create a little bit more of clutter.  This is also a great way to style a smaller kitchen as well.
  4. Don’t go too far with clutter.  Yes, in number 3 I mentioned you can put some appliances on your countertops.  However, don’t put everything you own on there.  Only place appliances you need or want to show off like your best quality countertop dishwasher, a pretty kettle, or a coffee maker.  It will look even cozier if you get these pieces in bright pops of colour.
  5. Look for interesting and original art.  Or even better, create your own!  Nothing makes a house less cozy than making it look like a museum with really expensive paintings and statues.  Instead, pick out photos, paintings, or even clippings you find in a magazine!  Throw these in frames, and viola! – picture perfect!  The more mismatched your artwork is, the more cozy the room will feel.

Hopefully these tips will help you create your perfect cozy and comfortable room.  Remember, embrace your individuality and original style.  You always want your room to reflect who you are!

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